Dear Reader,
If you feel skeptical about sensational diets, healthy eating and doing sports… If all these blogs about healthy way of life seem  boring and stale to you… If you think, you already know everything about everything and look good enough for your age… Well, don’t read it further then.

Are you still here? Ok! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Anthony Trigger. I was an ordinary man of 30, who ate pizza and drank beer every day, and considered myself gorgeous. Well, I am still a 30 year old, but now I have an ulcer and pancreatitis. Agree, not a very good bouquet of diseases.
I have decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I can say that I’m no longer indifferent to myself. I have recently read a lot of literature on healthy nutrition and receipt books and watched a plenty of culinary videos on YouTube.

Now I can proudly report that I appreciate both the taste and the quality of the food I eat. I got a lot of useful knowledge on how to prepare useful and varied meals, and I want to share these recipes, as well as healthy ways of food products treatment with everybody.

Each recipe is accompanied with detailed description and excellent photos of dishes. So, go ahead … I hope you will like to cook healthy food with me!